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A selection of videos that help to bring the schistosomiasis story to life.

La Bilharziose

Decouvrez le  cycle de vie des schistosomes, ces parasites mortels qui vivent dans l'eau, des escargots et même des gens

Schistosomiasis: The deadliest disease you have never heard of

Schistosomiasis experts Dr Lorenzo Savioli and Prof Alan Fenwick provide a concise overview of what schistosomiasis is, does and where we are at with regards to elimination.

Parasites in motion: schistosomiasis

A wonderful video explaining the circular life cycle of Schistosoma, a life-threatening parasite that can live in water, snails and even people.

Many thanks to the Natural History Museum London media content team for creating this video, which is also perfect for explaining schistosomiasis to children.

GSA launch event reception

GSA Reception hosted at the launch of the 3rd Progress Report on the London Declaration on NTDs at the Natural History Museum London, 25 June 2015.

Eliminate schistosomiasis


Merck intends to expand its commitment to the fight against schistosomiasis tenfold. To understand the logistic challenges of the Praziquantel Donation Program, please click on the video



Detective work to tackle debilitating disease in Zanzibar | Natural History Museum


Published on Aug 11, 2015


Museum scientists are working to help eradicate one of the most prevalent diseases in sub-saharan Africa: schistosomiasis. Follow their detective work to discover why this parasitic disease only develops in the north part of Zanzibar, not the south, and to target the culprit. Find out how the Museum's collection is being used to fight this neglected tropical disease

Schistosomiasis Collection @NHM London


The Schistosomiasis Collection at the Natural History Museum, London