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A collection of schistosomiasis resources, including a brochure, recent reports and an infographic.

Newsletter, Volume 3, Autumn 2017

Welcome to the third volume of the GSA newsletter. A lot has happened this year in the NTD world and the schistosomiasis community has not lagged behind! Our third newsletter will cover media and advocacy momentum that built up around the NTD Summit; exciting research conferences and articles, the Egypt Schistosomiasis Elimination campaign and the schistosomiasis control activities in Nigeria.

GSA Volume 3 Newsletter 2017_180917_V3.pdf

GSA schistosomiasis morbidity control meeting summary

On the 22nd and 23rd of August 2017 the GSA organised a small, interactive meeting with schistosomiasis control implementers / donors and schistosomiasis disease experts to discuss the status of schistosomiasis morbidity control through preventative chemotherapy. We are delighted to share this executive summary of the meeting's objectives and outcomes.