Downloadable Resources

A collection of schistosomiasis resources, including a brochure, recent reports and an infographic.

Shanghai Conference - High-Level Summary

For schistosomiasis the paradigm has shifted from morbidity control to elimination as a public health problem. The first conference of the Global Schistosomiasis Alliance (GSA) Research Working Group, held in mid-June 2016 in Shanghai, reviewed current progress in schistosomiasis control and elimination, identified pressing operational research gaps that need to be addressed and discussed new tools and strategies required to make elimination a reality.

Read the summary document for more details.


How Far Have We Come and What Do We Need To Do to Eliminate Schistosomiasis? - Shanghai, 2016

A review of where we are at and what action is required to achieve the goal of elimination. This was presented at the GSA Research Working Group's 1st. conference in June 2016 in Shanghai. Have a look at the presentation to find out more about the GSA's chair of the executive group's stance on the situation.


GSA - Introduction and Overview - Shanghai, 2016

Learn more about the GSA and how it presented itself at the GSA's Research Working Group Conference in Shanghai in June 2016.