Downloadable Resources

A collection of schistosomiasis resources, including a brochure, recent reports and an infographic.

Advisory Board Report

In January 2018 the GSA Advisory Board convened and reviewed the GSA’s key activities in 2017 and its strategy and plans for 2018. A summary of the review along with key recommendations is available to view here. GSA will continue to work with our partners and aims to

1.       Clarify schistosomiasis control and elimination definitions and targets post 2020

2.       Support coordination of PZQ supply and implementation

3.       Provide technical expertise and tools for NTD programmes in endemic countries,

4.       Identify gaps in implementation and operational research  

5.       Strengthen advocacy for schistosomiasis control and elimination

6.       Build its online and virtual systems to become the go-to-site for schistosomiasis-specific resources.

Download the report by clicking here.