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Something in the Water – the success story of our website campaign

Something in the Water – the success story of our website campaign

Something in the water ( is not your typical awareness campaign. Its trailer takes you on a thriller-like journey, showing how a beautiful lake setting and enjoyable time with friends in the water can quickly be turned into a nasty experience. The dark music underlines this even further by adding a rather eerie feeling to the trailer.

And this is exactly what makes this campaign so catchy, so different and so effective. It draws the viewer in, keeps him or her engaged. Under different circumstances viewers might quickly move on to other, seemingly more interesting or relatable topics, but not in this case. The video and design of the website ensure the viewers stay on, allowing them to learn about schistosomiasis and to realise this is nothing that can easily be ignored by simply clicking it away. In a world in which we are constantly bombarded with moving images, loud messages and endless information, it is difficult to raise awareness of a disease that seems to affect so few so far away. But Something in the water ensures that the message about schistosomiasis is spread further and reaches not only a greater number of people but also a greater variety of people.

We are very grateful to the team who created this campaign ( and are proud to be able to say that Something in the Water won six awards in 2016 and is part of the advertisement for the ISNTD Festival on the 23rd of February in London (

The following awards were won by this great campaign:

Hopefully the success of this campaign, competing against some big consumer / brand marketing teams, will spark more such activities amongst the NTD community to ensure that the people suffering from any NTD will be heard and will be helped.